Using Observation and Conversation about Learning in Formative Assessment in Language and Literacy


During this session, participants will examine ways they can assess children’s individual learning as they engage in appropriately challenging curriculum topics. Participants will explore strategies such as engaging children in conversations about their work that enable teachers to learn about children’s understanding of particular curriculum concepts.  

Julie Hirschler, Research Scientist, Education Development Center; Newton, MA
Presenter Bio(s): 

Julie Hirschler, a researcher scientist and developer in the Teaching and Learning Division at the Education Development Center (EDC), contributes to numerous early childhood education projects at EDC. She is currently teaching a credit bearing course for early education teachers and administrators on Evaluation and Assessment in Early Education. As such, she is assisting staff in adopting continuous assessment strategies of young children and in linking these data to intentional teaching strategies and improvements. She also contributes to an Institute for Educational Sciences grant on which she provides training and oversight to early childhood coaches. She brings extensive experience and draws on her deep knowledge in such topics as early language and literacy, assessment, and second language acquisition, as well as research that she conducts in these areas. With a background as a teacher, a pre-K through 6th grade principal, and in two-way bilingual education, she draws on current research to support early education advances on the many initiatives and projects to which she contributes. Dr. Hirschler served asa consultant to the East Coast Migrant Even Start Program in early language and literacy; as an Expert Panelist for a Hispanic-Latino Service Partnership in Head Start/Migrant Head Start and Early Head Start; and to the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s NICHD grant studying the factors that influence the course of English literacy development for young Spanish-speaking children. Dr. Hirschler earned her doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, concentrating on language and literacy development particularly in second language acquisition.